Reviews and Interviews

Sugarush Sugarush Interview (01/30/18)
Sue and the Fun Ghouls Sue and the Fun Ghouls Interview (01/23/18)
Kristen Capolino Kristen Capolino Interview (12/22/17)
Scotty Marz Scotty Marz Interview (10/11/17)
Chuck St. Troy Chuck St. Troy Interview (09/06/17)
Tommy McDonnell Tommy "Pipes" McDonnell Interview (08/12/17)
Charlie Lagond Charlie Lagond Interview (07/18/17)
Pleasantville Music Festival 2017 Edition (07/09/17)
Aztec Two-Step Aztec Two-Step Interview (06/20/17)
MaryAnn Renza MaryAnn Renza Interview (06/12/17)
Chris Vitarello Chris Vitarello Interview (04/24/17)
Arthu Neilson Arthur Neilson Interview (04/04/17)
Paul Gabriel Paul Gabriel Interview (03/20/17)
Third Stone Third Stone Interview (02/14/17)
Andrew Kuusisto Lemons and Bananas (01/22/17)
Bryan Gordon Heroes, Fools and Saints (12/27/16)
Dave Fields Unleashed (12/21/16)
Bruce Katz Band featuring Chris Vitarello Out from the Center (11/19/16)
Westchester All Stars Christmas for Veterans Vol. 5 (10/22/16)
meat + 2 veg now this (10/19/16)
Susan Said Big Life (09/23/16)
Steve Addabbo Out of Nothing (09/21/16)
The Rockin Daddies Rev It!! (08/23/16)
Artie Tobia Aberdeen (08/17/16)
Dave Kain Raising Kain (06/08/16)
Dan Cipriano First Impressions (05/20/16)
Patti Rothberg Ulterior Motives (05/08/16)
Anthony Gach Peaceful Observer (05/06/16)
David Anastasia Hoodadoo Cheaper by the Dozen (04/22/16)
Julie Corbalis What's Up with This Heart? (04/21/16)
Cliff Hackford Drum Master Cliff Hackford Interview (03/16/16)
Larry Handwerger King of Jammers Larry Handwerger Interview (02/22/16)
Al Bazaz Reggae Master Al Bazaz Interview (01/22/16)
Dave Goddess Group Something New (12/23/15)
Fred Gillen Wage Love (12/22/15)
Jazz Is Dead Grateful Jazz (11/21/15)
Michael Hill's Blues Mob Goddesses & Gold Redux (11/20/15)
Westchester All Stars Christmas for Wounded Veterans Vol. 4 (10/22/15)
Dave Keyes Right Here Right Now (10/21/15)
Susan Clynes Life Is... (09/22/15)
Liz Gabriel Velveteen (09/19/15)
Paul Bisbano Bass Master Paul Bisbano Interview (07/05/15)
HeadFirst Band HeadFirst Band Interview (06/30/15)
Lugwrench Lugwrench Interview (05/27/15)
Rantin' And Ravin' Rantin' And Ravin' Interview (05/14/15)
Duchess Di Duchess Di Interview (04/21/15)
Dave Fields Music Master Dave Fields (03/21/15)
Tommy McDonnell Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5 (02/20/15)
Jessy Tomsko Big Hearts EP (02/07/15)
Sarah Chesler Earth and Moon (12/20/14)
Bruce Hammer Shining Light (12/19/14)
Jim Wacker Yours (11/08/14)
The City Boy Allstars Blinded by the Night (10/05/14)
Bill Edwards Christmas for Wounded Veterans Vol. 3 (09/22/14)
Al Bazaz Lucky Day (08/23/14)
Dave Fields All In (08/15/14)
Alchemy Post Sound Leslie Bloome Interview (07/18/14)
Pumping Ethyl Pumping Ethyl Interview (05/20/14)
Michael Pennacchio Better In The Morning (03/29/14)
Jeremy Baum The Eel (03/01/14)
Geoff Hartwell Guitar Master Geoff Hartwell (02/17/14)
Elton Dean & The Wrong Object The Unbelievable Truth (02/16/14)
Dialeto The Last Tribe (02/14/14)
Joe Piteo Drum Master Joe Piteo (01/18/14)
Lois Colombo Lois Colombo Interview (11/18/13)
Teri Lamar Teri Lamar Interview Part 2 (10/23/13)
Paul Gabriel What's the Chance... (09/21/13)
Westchester All Stars Christmas for Wounded Veterans Vol. 2 (09/05/13)
Rudy Feinauer Drum Master Rudy Feinauer (07/25/12)
Sandi Rose When You Believe (06/23/13)
Soft Machine Legacy Burden of Proof (06/22/13)
Pete Levin Iridium Live 008 - 4.8.2012 (05/26/13)
Jill Cagney Nerves of Steel (05/25/13)
Mister Fred Golden Age (04/20/13)
Matt King Kaleidoscope (04/19/13)
Powderfinger 20th Anniversary (02/22/13)
Peter Kelly Forever, Again (02/18/13)
Jared Weintraub Full Band EP (02/17/13)
Three for All Live for the Music (01/20/13)
Kati Mac Save Me From Myself (01/19/13)
Dave Fields Detonation (12/20/12)
Michael Bram Suitcase in the Hall (12/19/12)
Roger Zee Jam Master Roger Zee (11/15/12)
Tohpati Ethnomission Save The Planet (10/15/12)
Steve Dunn Steve Dunn (10/14/12)
Allan Holdsworth Hard Hat Area (09/15/12)
Gil Parris Picks the Guitar Hits The Falcon 09/13/12 (09/14/09)
Kip Sophos Jam Master Kip Sophos (07/11/12)
Petey Hop The Levee (06/09/12)
The George Dulin Quartet Where's Johnny? (06/08/12)
Teri Lamar Teri Lamar Interview (04/11/12)
Oz Noy Twisted Blues, Vol. 1 (03/15/12)
Gil Parris Gil Parris Picks the Guitar Hits (02/16/12)
Johnny Andriani Tripping on Love (02/15/12)
Cindy Bradley Unscripted (01/15/12)
Bernie Williams Rhythms of the Game (01/14/12)
Roxy Perry Jam Master Roxy Perry (11/05/11)
Curtis Winchester Do the Natural Thing (10/16/11)
Terry Silverlight In Concert (10/15/11)
Sarah Chesler Monday Night Smoker (09/18/11)
Paul Metzke Trio Feeling Mighty Nice (09/17/11)
Roger Zee Jammers Perspective (08/13/11)
Dave Hogan Fun Box (07/12/11)
Gary Schwartz Jam Master Gary Schwartz (07/11/11)
Dave Schimansky Jam Master Dave Schimansky (07/10/11)
Dan Chopper Carillo Jam Master Dan Chopper Carillo (06/12/11)
John Federico Jam Master Johnny Feds (06/11/11)
Pete Levin Jump! (04/27/11)
Gil Parris Gil Parris Featuring Josh Dion (04/24/11)
Lori Diamond Mystery (09/12/10)
Bereznak Brothers Band All Things In Time (09/11/10)
Kung Fu KungFu (08/15/10)
Sean Nowell Firewerks (08/14/10)
Marc Douglas Berardo Downhauler (07/17/10)
Warpold Wine Warpold Wine (07/16/10)
Eugene Foley Artist Development (06/13/10)
Eryn Shewell 4th & Broadway (06/12/10)
Christopher Robin Band Truth (05/14/10)
Axis Trio Anthem (05/12/10)
Blues Buddha I Like It A Lot (04/04/10)
Graylight Campfire Keep To Movin' (04/03/10)
Steve Dunn Plan B (03/14/10)
Andy Aledort Live at North Star 2009 (03/12/10)
Ten Feet Deep Ten Feet Deep (02/15/10)
Yutaka Uchida Living Together (02/14/10)
Sean Nowell The Seeker (01/17/10)
Gil Parris A Certain Beauty (01/16/10)
John David Schrader Daylight Crashing (11/12/09)
Namoli Brennet Singer Shine Your Light (11/11/09)
The Reddan Brothers Skeleton Key Sessions (09/17/09)
Dick N Jane Atlantic Beach Club 07/04/09 (09/15/09)
True Apothecary The Lion Will Speak (08/14/09)
Julie Corbalis Old Flames & New Names (08/15/09)
Bill Cinque The Amazing Adventures (06/16/09)
Amish Outlaws White Plains City Fest 05/30/09 (06/15/09)
Geoff Hartwell Hate To See You Go (05/16/09)
Christine Santelli Any Better Time (05/15/09)
Tangled Vine Lazy Lounge 04/10/09 (04/11/09)
Kip Sophos Pete's Saloon Jazz Jam (04/02/09)
Dan Sheehan The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy (03/15/09)
John Basile Time Will Reveal (03/07/09)
Gina Sicilia Hey Sugar (02/15/09)
Andrea & The Armenian Rug Riders Live at Pete's Saloon 02/13/09 (02/14/09)
Josh Dion Band Anthems For The Long Distance (12/10/08)
Matt Rae High Strung (12/09/08)
More Sugar 15th Aniversary Bash Gorgeous Cocktails, Barfly Orchestra, Hey Baby 11/23/08 (11/26/08)
KJ Denhert dal Vivo a Umbria Jazz
Albert Carey Project Ten Cents Short Of A Dime
Two Guitars Four Now
The Waltons TheWaltons
Red Molly Love and Other Tragedies
Abbie Gardner/Anthony da Costa Bad Nights/Better Days
Pete Levin Certified Organic
Vinny Frisina So Captivating
Grace Potter and The Nocturnals This Is Somewhere
Josh Dion Band Live!
The Slippery Chickens We Ain't Scared...We're Just Chicken
Jon Cobert Here's Your Canoe
Jackson and Wheeler Blues Jam Geoff Hartwell Band
Christine Santelli Tales From The Red Room
Lucy's Lounge Open Mic Pete Hop
Matt King Trio Welcome, Christmas
Dave Fields Time's A Wastin'
Johanna ...Why Would I Sing?
More Sugar 14th Aniversary Bash Hey Baby and Bad Habits 11/11/07
The Lazy Lounge Jam Gil Parris/Curtis Winchester
Robert Charels Three Leg Dogs & Old Skool Cats
Gil Parris and Friends Live DVD
Andy Aledort & The Groove Kings Pete's Saloon 09/07/07
Rich Cohen & The Blues Prescription Sour Mash
Stalking Sally Hard To Find
Sundown Vintage Bar 06/16/07
Blues Buddha Blues Buddha
Dave Gross Take The Gamble
Buried In Blue Dark Angel
Marc Douglas Berardo Harbor
Live Society The Lazy Lounge 03/09/07
Master Roger Zeitel Exceptional Taekwondo Center 03/02/07
Dave Hole The Live One
Pete Levin Deacon Blues
Gil Parris & Friends Irvington Town Hall 01/24/07
Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos Ignoring All The Warning Signs...
The Blues Dogs Howlin' Hearts
Fade To Blue In The Dark
The NRG Band Live NRG
Teri Lamar Harry's 10/19/06
The Son Lewis Blues Band Snake
Fade To Blue In The Dark
Powderfinger Pete's Saloon 09/08/06
Gil Parris Strength
East River Blues Band High Tide
Michael Bram Michael Bram and The Alternators
Geoff Hartwell Perfect Stranger
Roger Zee Journal News Article on Podcasting
The Nerve! The Nerve!
Dwight Goodyear Suspension
Esther Macomb Worth The Wait
Greenwich Meantime Greenwich Meantime
Gene Moore I Give Up
The NRG Band The Lazy Lounge 02/10/06
Nikki Armstrong &
Whole Lotta Blues
Turnin & Burnin
The HooDoo Band Turning Blue
Live Society The 2005 EP
Funky Espresso Soul A Rised
The Curtis Winchester Band Live!
Matt Rae Telepathic
The Blue Rays Swingin' At The Ball!
Gil Parris Modern Blues Guitar (Hot Licks Video)
Bob and Norm Opus 465 07/13/05
Ed Bolanos About Life
Gil Parris Live At The Next Door Cafe - long
Live At The Next Door Cafe - short
Tab Benoit Fever for the Bayou
Various Artists Local - Live - Original Vol. 1
The Last Blues Jam Jean-Jacques 04/12/05
Sonny Landreth Grant Street
Robi Zonca do you know?
Various Artists Gypsy Blood:
A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix - Vol. 2
Various Artists Voodoo Crossing:
A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix - Vol. 1
Danny Gatton Unfinished Business
Kimberly 'KC' Allison Beyond Blue
Paul Gargiulo Band Life Pouring Through
Jon Paris Blue Planet
The Shades White Plains Plaza 08/19/04
James Solberg Real Time
Wolfe Delaware Crossing
Gil Parris and Friends Ashford Park 07/9/04
Vivino Brothers Blues Band Birdland 6/29/04
Felix Cabrera For Green
Whatup Funk Band SoulFunkFul
Jeremy Baum Lost River Jams
Michael Bram Leroy
Matt Rae Twang
Gil Parris Jam This
Gil Parris Blue Thumb
The New Suburbans The New Suburbans
Lee Roy Parnell Tell The Truth
John Hiatt Crossing Muddy Waters
Dave Fields Field Of Vision