Sarah Chesler "Monday Night Smoker"

Sarah Chesler
"Monday Night Smoker"
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CD review by Roger-Z (10/18/11) appeared in "More Sugar" and "CT Sound," October 2011

Sarah Chesler blends a pop sensibility with the first person confessional -- a modern day Joni Mitchell. Downloading Ms. Chesler's CD gets you an all access pass into her life. Like a rubber band, her multi-octave, elastic voice snaps you through all her ups and downs. A top notch group cushions the ride. The musicians include Sarah Chesler (vocals, piano, guitar), Doug Yowell (drums, percussion), Rob Calder (bass), Jamie Finegan (trumpet), Joe Digiorgi (guitar, vocals, bass), and Chuck Chesler (keyboards). The artist wrote all the songs except for one.

Chesler asks a lot of questions. In "Where Is the Love," she contemplates "Years have gone and we with them. Now when we meet can we still be friends? Or would we drive each other crazy." In "Trying to Abide," she sings "I canít believe itís said and done. Was quite a fight though no one won. I wonder if we had more time, would all these memories still echo in my mind?" In "Maybe," she thinks "Maybe youíll walk me home tonight. Under the city lights, we are blinded by the beauty of this night. Weíll make it right this time. No more butterflies. Just you and I..." In "Going Home," she muses "Iím on my way. Iím going home. I canít help but wonder if itís the same place I know." In "Will You Wait There for Me," she states "I am holding your hand as you race to the land where the sky is cloud free. Will you wait there for me?" "Do You" poses the ultimate question? "Do you, Do you know how I feel?"

Occasionally, she delivers an answer as in "Most Definitely." "You say you donít know me. So listen good cause hereís the truth. My mind might be distant, but my heart is always set on you... Yes, I do. I love you. Yes I do. I still do." She does it again in my favorite song, "Early Morning Jet." "Today I will be leaving and tomorrow will be hard. Got to tell you Iím so happy although weíre so far apart. Cause Iíd rather have the memories of kissing in the dark than always keep on wondering."

Ms. Chesler composes on both guitar and piano which makes for a nice mix. The arrangements by Chesler and Joe Digiorgi put the singer's voice up front and center -- right where it belongs. At her best as on "Early Morning Jet," Sarah Chesler captures a magic mix of optimism and uncertainty. She's excited to leave, but can't wait to return.

So if you're tired of the same boring sitcoms, try Sarah Chesler's world. The drama never ends!

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