Field Of Vision

Dave Fields "Field Of Vision"

CD review by Roger-Z

Noted New York City session guitarist and producer Dave Fields cooks up an enticing brew of high energy rock and jazz on this mostly instrumental first CD. He takes the Gibson Guitar advertisement to heart - "Singing, wasted time between guitar solos." His assistant chefs include drummer Van Romaine (Steve Morse Band) and Wayne Krantz along with bassists Mike Viseglia (Suzanne Vega) and Wes Little. Dave handles production with assistance from Joe Barbaria (Talking Heads and Cars).

Having performed with Dave at the Roxy Perry Jam at Isabel's Cafe in Tarrytown, N.Y., I was suprised by this effort. At the jam, he kills on guitar, bass, and keyboards and sings beautifully. On CD, however, Dave plays only guitar and sings sparingly. Though I've heard him do everything from country to blues to rock, I've never heard him play fusion.

If you love fusion, buy this record. Dave plays a Stratocaster (or Strat clone) and creates a novel mix of Adrian Belew, John McLaughlan, Jimi Hendrix, and Andy Summers. The album opener, "Kitchen Brew," blends rock rhythms with fusion guitar. The Hendrixy ballad "Lydia" simmers at first but soon explodes into a fiery cauldron of cosmic guitar. Dave's pure tenor voice shines on the sensitive "Same Old Me." "Regmiles" fascinates with a unique chord progression draped over a Police-like beat. "New Groove" swings like crazy. A cross between the Red Hot Chili Peppers' version of "Higher Ground" and Hendrix's "Up From The Skies," "Better Be Good" pleads for peace on earth.

An enticing appetizer, I await the main course from this multi-talented artist.

2003 Roger-Z