The Rockin Daddies "Rev It!!"

The Rockin Daddies
"Rev It!!"

CD review by Roger Zee (08/23/16)

This delightful Rockabilly/Surf collection, "Rev It!!" by The Rockin Daddies, stands as the antithesis to modern, computer-generated Pop. Do people nowadays only crave perfection? Must every recorded note sound in perfect pitch, every beat pulse in sublime time? Does Electronica make people dance better than humans? Michael Olivieri, guitarist/vocalist with the Slippery Chickens, put together this record to showcase his love for vital, Sixties roots music. Divided between four originals and thirteen covers, the CD employs a variety of musicians: Michael Olivieri (vocals/guitar), Dan Clark (bass/vocals),Jerry Scaringe (upright bass/harp/vocals), George Morales (drums), Richard Noorigian (drums), Matt Mousseau (drums), Mel Taylor (sax), Eric Heilner (keys), and Dianne Belton (vocals). Recorded mostly live in the studio and produced by Olivieri and Scaringe, the CD proudly bares all warts and scars.

The instrumentals allow Mr. Olivieri to showcase his guitar prowess. Sporting a bright orange, full-bodied electric with big fat strings, he rings notes true, loud, and clear. In "Alpo Diablo" (penned by Olivieri and Scaringe), the two show off their love for Spanish-flavored riffs and chromatic passages. "Aardvark" once again visits the Iberian half-step mode. The effervescent "Two Tacos" fully captures the soul and roll of New Orleans. "Autumn Leaves" sports shimmering guitar over a tingling Mambo.

The vocal themes pretty much stick to Fifties-style, tough-guy romance. The Olivieri penned "Don't Run Away" features a Cajun beat and a young man entreating a woman to stay and fall in love. "Do You Wanna Be My Baby" visits the same territory, only with a steamrolling swing. "You Ain't Nothin' but Fine" pumps a locomotive, rock feel. I love the audacity of "You Were Wrong." Saying those words to a lover compares to dropping an H-bomb on the relationship! But then, the singer adds the snippet, "little girl, stayed away too long." Hope she forgave him! "Paralyzed" rocks it straight up and hard. Doo Wop sensibility infuses "Nothing Takes the Place of You."

The Rockin Daddies play music that swings, swaggers, romances, and jives. And yes you can dance to it! Just check out any of their NY/NJ gigs.

2016 Roger Zee