Reddan Brothers Band "Skeleton Key Sessions"

Reddan Brothers Band
"Skeleton Key Sessions"

CD review by Roger-Z (09/17/09)
Appeared in More Sugar, November 2009, P. 18B

I got such joy coming up with descriptions of The Reddan Brothers' sound: "U2 gets Creamed," "U2 on blues," "On a Green Day, Cream meets U2 and climbs a Mountain." This old-school, hard rock trio hails from Warwick, NY and consists of John Reddan (guitar, lead vocals), brother Chris Reddan (drums, vocals), and Mike Garofalo (bass, vocals). The siblings joined forces after individually playing behind blues-rock legends Bill Perry and Popa Chubby. Paul Orofino mixed and mastered the group's first CD, "Skeleton Key Sessions" at Millbrook Sound Studios, giving them a major label, seventies-style, hard-rock sound.

From opening notes of "Fast World," you can tell these guys have been performing together for years. Everything fits perfectly -- just like you'd expect with brothers. No flash, just solid, tasteful playing. Mix Eric Clapton with Leslie West and you conjure up John Reddan's guitar style -- phat and tasty "woman" tone. Cross drummer Steven Adler from Guns and Roses with U2's Larry Mullen and you can picture Chris Reddan. Mike Garofalo's tight, in the pocket, economical style brings to mind The E Street Band's Gary Tallent. John Reddan could replace singer Ian Astbury in The Cult.

The Reddan Brother's unpretentious blues-rock features mid-tempo beats combined with arena-style rock lyrics. In the syncopated "Fast World," Reddan claims "I have one chance to get it right. But it's all, yes it's all just Rock and Roll to me. Silver and gold, the sun, the moon, and the sea." The catchy "That's How I Know," (similar to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man), has Reddan dreaming of inner peace. "I keep on looking for what I got to find. Holding on to all the gold that was once mine." Every band needs a big power ballad (think Bic chic flic). The Reddan Brothers came up with "Cradle of Love." "Baby you rock me like a cradle in the wind. You warm me up like a sweet summer day. Bring peace to my soul both night and day. And got me through the darkness when I lost my way." "Wherever You Go" summons up the psychedelic blues groove of Robin Trower. The beat picks up with the acoustic resonator, country blues, of "If Whiskey Was A River." "I Beat The Dealer" channels Mountain at their bluesiest, crowing about beating the casino. In the up tempo, "Beat of the City," the group describes the joys and horrors of urban life. "Black Water" (think Cream's "White Room,") spotlights the sassy Sarah Morr on co-lead vocals. "Halloween Song" starts softly with an electronic beat, but swiftly morphs into heavy metal.

The seasoned professionals of The Reddan Brothers have brewed up a debut CD full of spirit and energy. Watch them explode at a club near you.

2009 Roger-Z