The Bereznak Brothers Band "All Things In Time"

The Bereznak Brothers Band
"All Things In Time"
Appeared in More Sugar and CT Sound, October 2010

CD review by Roger-Z (09/11/10)

Nothing stirs the soul like blood kin harmonies. Twin brothers David Bereznak and Michael Bereznak bristle with heartfelt emotion on their first studio album, "All Things In Time." Visualize a cross between Eric Clapton, The Smithereens, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Seger. On this CD, The Bereznak Brothers band consists of, well, the Bereznak Brothers: David Bereznak (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, keys) and Michael Bereznak (vocals, electric guitar, bass, keys). Jennifer Brundage guests on violin and Roger Bruno appears on B3 organ, each for one tune.

The brothers, from upstate New York, wrote all the songs. They excel in portraying the simple things in life that either break or make our hearts. They fall in and out of love, drive around in their car, take advice from their mother, and even visit the car show with their father. Whether up tempo rockers or ballads, the songs follow a simple template: opening signature Stratocaster guitar riff, David's lead vocals soon joined by Michael, rousing chorus, soaring guitar solo, then back for either a quiet verse or loud chorus, and finally a thunderous guitar vamp.

When I review CDs, I like to see the lyrics. So I asked David Bereznak if he had them posted anywhere. He said I wouldn't need them because I could hear them loud and clear on the record. He was right. But it still helps to view them. The hooks mostly tie in with the song titles: "We've all got a personal mission." "We'll make love 'till the daylight." "Over and over again." "I will search the whole world for you ... storybook girl." "I finally found the luck this time." "You got to try to be." "Can I give you a reason to stay?" "Take me." They may sound simple, but when sung by the Bereznaks, they all hit the sweet spot.

The vocals, melodies, heartfelt scenarios, and great musicianship all combine to make an irresistible package. The backing tracks sound like they were recorded live in the studio by top session musicians -- not overdubbed by the two brothers. I especially admire how Michael crafts a unique guitar line for each song. "All Things In Time" presents yet another take on growing up in small town America. But the truly skilled can take something old and make it shine like new. Don't miss out on The Beresnak Brothers. They're the real deal.

2010 Roger-Z