Kati Mac "Save Me from Myself"

Kati Mac
"Save Me from Myself"

CD review by Roger-Z (01/19/13)

Kati Mac goes Nashville on her latest CD, "Save Me from Myself." She makes a habit of taking well worn phrases and turning them into songs. I don't know if she lives her inspiration, but these tunes reflect some very hard times. With a voice reminiscent of Shawn Colvin and Shania Twain, she manages to draw the listener in to even the saddest tales. Some of Westchester, NY's finest musicians appear on the CD: drums (Kevin Hupp, Denny McDermott), bass (Al Hemberger, Charlie Knicely, Lester Wilson), guitar (Kati Mac, Steve Kirkman, Van Manakas, Peter Calo, Jeff Golub), keyboards (Jon Cobert), accordion (Bob Mosberger), fiddle (Deni Bonet), and percussion (Wayne Warnecke). Kati Mac and Tim Ouimette co-produced the CD. The vocals sit way up front backed by plenty of tasty slide guitar.

Sometimes the protagonists win, and sometimes they lose. But they all go through Hell! The title song deals with a drug related suicide. "I've been down this road before. I keep coming back for more. Hear my silent cry for help. Clinging to this sinking ship. Just about to lose my grip. Save me from myself." On "Bullet Hole Road," Kati Mac sings, "Just a kid living on the street. Out of cash, no food to eat. And I did what I had to do. He said, 'you're pretty young thing, so sweet, so fine to touch. Come with me. I'll take care of you. Close your eyes. It won't hurt that much'... Sold my soul on Bullet Hole Road." Thank God the child escapes in the end. "Been There Done That" sounds like a funky "Susie Q." No more philandering boyfriends for this woman! "Been there done that. And I don't want any more. Been there done that. Babe I'm showing you the door. I don't want to talk about it. I'm handing you your hat." The rockin' "Cold Day in Hell" continues in the same vein. "And it will be a cold day in hell before I let you in again. I don't want to be your lover. I don't want to be your friend. I don't care where you go. I don't care where you've been..." But sometimes, Kati Mac just can't resist as in "Lord Have Mercy on Me." "Lord look at that man. Carries himself so well. I look at those eyes full of the devil's spell. Listen to that voice. Could charm a girl straight through the gates of Hell." Despite the perky beat, "The Wheel Goes Round" illuminates how the sins of the parent repeat on the child. The daughter of a whore turns into a stripper. An abused boy sits in jail serving time for murder.

On "Save Me From Myself," no one escapes hard times and everyone succumbs to temptation. But a select few manage to make it through! Country music prides itself on telling stories. Kati Mac does the country tradition proud!

2013 Roger-Z