Robi Zonca "do you know?"

Robi Zonca
"do you know?"

CD review by Roger-Z (3/12/05)

Would you rather surf or play guitar? Grab a wave or ride a riff? Quite the dilemna. The Beach Boys sang, "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world." The Rascals went "Groovin'" on a Sunday afternoon. No doubt about it, Robi Zonca knows how to harness a beat and capture a mood -- from the bouncy, good-time, cinematic instrumental, "Podemos solucionarlo," to the r&b funk of "Never lie." You could cut a wet hair with these razor sharp grooves.

Obviously, The Beatles greatly influenced this music -- lean, clean, melodic lines melded seemlessly together with a thin topping of creamy vocal harmonies. John Lennon specifically looms as a great influence. "Never lie" and "My room" descend both sonically and lyrically from "Double Fantasy."

"My baby, she's gone," the instrumental "20 bars blues," and Pademos solucionarlo" all transport me back to a warm, sunny day in Barbados, lying in a hammock with the trade winds blowing softly across my face and a pina colada close at hand. It reminds me of the good time, "Daydream" music of The Lovin' Spoonful. "Pademos solucionarlo" closes with a gorgeous harmonica solo by Alberto Borsari reminiscent of both John Sebastian and Toots Thielman. Make that a pina colada IN my hand!

Superb, tasteful, musicianship abounds on the CD which features Robi Zonca on guitars and vocals, Paolo Legramandi on bass, Marco Saccitella on drums, Antonello Aguzzi on keyboards, Tolo Marton on guitar, Claudio Bazzari on guitar, Enrico Crivellaro on guitar, Alberto Barsar on harmonica, and Aida Cooper on background vocals. Mr. Zonca wrote and arranged the album, and sang all songs except for the old Blood, Sweat, and Tears classic, "Spinning Wheel."

The timeless, musical craftsmanship on "do you know?" ensures that it will never sound dated. This CD can break out in so many different ways. "20 bars blues" would make the perfect theme song for a blues/jazz radio show. "My baby, she's gone" and "Pademos solucionarlo" both belong in the movies. I guarantee you'll be hearing songs from this album for years to come.

2005 Roger-Z