Teri Lamar

Teri Lamar
Teri Lamar Interview Part 2

Interview by Roger-Z (10/23/13)

Roger-Z: Has the music scene in Westchester, NY changed much since we last spoke in April of 2012?
Teri Lamar: New venues and establishments open all the time and that makes it interesting for bands. We get to change it up and play to different audiences. This year has been even busier than last year for New Company bookings -- that's always a good thing. I don't know if my band mates love me or hate me but we ARE working! LOL.

Roger-Z: Any changes to the personnel in Teri Lamar & New Company?
Teri Lamar: No changes. Still Jamie Bannon (guitar/vocals), Frank Brenna (keyboards/bass/vocals), and Greg Laruccia (drums). However, we expand to a five and six piece band for bigger occasions. At those times, I enjoy trying out a new horn player or percussionist. I would definitely entertain the idea of another lead vocalist up there with me! To be honest, my dream is to have a bigger band with a horn section.

Roger-Z: Do you prefer playing as a duo or with the full band?
Teri Lamar: Ah, that's one that gets asked a lot. Don't want to speak for our keyboard player, Frank Brenna, but we DO have a great time with the duo dates because you have the freedom to try new things right on the gig. Since Frank and I are human jukeboxes, we continually experiment with songs, old and new, that we haven't tried. Basically we have the same taste in music. And he can play almost anything!

Because you can do virtually any song with a band, in a way it's more satisfying. When you have players that are not only extremely talented, but back you up 100% and really listen to each other, there's no better groove.

Roger-Z: Where can people usually see you play?
Teri Lamar: Where can you see us? On the cover of "Rolling Stone!" That's ok -- we'll take "More Sugar" any day! I am happy to say that Teri Lamar & New Company is performing at a bunch of new clubs. We have added places like the outstanding RRQ Bar B Q in New Rochelle (11/29), the fabulous North St. Tavern in White Plains (11/1), the classy Infusion in Pelham (11/2), and have played at Westchester Burger Co. in Rye Brook, and Rudy's in Hartsdale. Old favorites include Pete's Saloon in Elmsford (11/30) and Glen Rowan in Yonkers (11/8). We all look forward to playing Empire Casino about three times a year and every New Year's Eve. Then there's always country clubs and private parties to help fill in those gaps.

Roger-Z: Do you sing with other groups?
Teri Lamar: I so enjoy and am completely flattered when asked to stand in for a singer in a different band. I appreciate working with Pepe Cardona of the famous Alive n Kickin and will appear with them at Chat 19 in Larchmont on 11/22. This year I have had the pleasure of accompanying Mr. Steve Michaels of the Velvetones as we fly through tunes from the Sixties to present day at various Westchester, Bronx and Long Island restaurants. A wonderful ten piece band, Reunion, is a pleasure to work with. They simply insist on having fun and always succeed!

Roger-Z: What's up with your musician brothers?
Teri Lamar: My musical Bro's? Well won't they be appreciative that you've inquired! My younger brother Bill Cinque (author, bassist, singer and songwriter) works as an Executive Producer for a Latin American TV Show called "The Concert Channel Sessions" which will air in 2014. He continues to do both local band and studio work in California. I look forward to seeing Bill do the Peter Asher Musical Memoir show at the Cutting Room in Manhattan (11/5). Steve Cinque, my older brother, keeps busy by playing guitar and singing in a few bands in NY/CT. His group, The Kelty Twins (jokingly named for their trio), performs their brand of classic rock in various venues in Westchester including RRQ Bar B Q in New Rochelle (11/2). Needless to say, I am extremely proud of both my brothers and grateful for all the influence they have given me since childhood.

Roger-Z: Do you sit in at any local jams?
Teri Lamar: There are jams literally every night of the week so I always try to see my friends play when I can. I love to sit in at Johnny Feds' blues jam at the Bayou in Mt. Vernon on Monday nights, Kip Sophos' Jazz Tuesdays at Pete's Saloon or Lois Columbo and Richie Giorgiani's monthly Jazz Tuesdays at Elements in White Plains. Wednesdays are great with Gil Paris and Curtis Winchester at The Lazy Lounge in White Plains. Thursdays I aim for Victor's in Hawthorne for the rock/blues/reggae jam led by you (Roger-Z)! Sundays, I love singing with drummer Chopper Dan Carillo at Elements. Of course, guitarist Bernie Williams is always a welcome addition!

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