Gil Parris "Live At The Next Door Cafe"
Chase Music Group (CMG)

CD review by Roger-Z (short version 8/16/04)
Appeared in More Sugar, February 2006 P. 6B

Gil Parris reminds me of a perfect, reversible wind-breaker -- one that looks great on both sides. Except this jacket would need four sides. Because Parris plays blues, jazz, funk, and country music. And the parka would have to be see-through since Parris loves to mix his idioms.

I once asked Parris why he didn't play more slide guitar. He said he based his style on rhythmic patterns and that slide didn't really play to his strong suit. Indeed, the rhythm section separates this CD from previous solo Parris efforts. Joe Ferry on bass coupled with Stuart Stahr on drums lay down a very simple, but tight, rock-oriented groove. This firm foundation enables Parris to unleash his patented techniques: distorted pedal-steel-influenced bends, bluesy double-stops, searing, liquid-gold, single tones, and rapid-fire, staccato fills that sound like the pops you make by poking your index finger inside puffed-out cheeks.

This live CD contains no overdubs or fixes. I can't find a "clam" on the album! On "Ain't No Sunshine," Parris’s signature tune and the highlight of the CD, he playfully roots around his bag of tricks and slowly builds to an amazing climax worthy of Pink Floyd at its best.

©2004 Roger-Z