Pleasantville Music Festival "2017 Edition"

Pleasantville Music Festival "2017 Edition"

Review by Roger Zee (07/09/17)

Kudos to the 2017 Pleasantville Music Festival! The non-profit organizers produced an extremely well-run and enjoyable event. The day started auspiciously enough. Getting there early, I managed to score a parking spot very close to the site. I found the mostly volunteer staff helpful, efficient, and just downright nice! Special mention to Vanessa Tolisano Perkins and Ilyse Cohen. The backstage area rocked! ^_^

The early afternoon focused on what I call "The Young Lions." Who knew that Zeppelinesqe rock still existed! You certainly don't find it on FM radio. Hats off to RIIZA and For Lack Of A Term. Refreshing to hear musicians who still sport zits banging out tunes! Other standout early acts included The Alpaca Gnomes (loved their hats) and Hollis Brown. B-|

Not everything went smoothly for me. At a certain point, I lost my glasses and my companion, Rita! But I made the best of it by touring the grounds. Though it wasn't raining, my feet did get wet from the water that seeped up through the field. Nonetheless, I managed a nice chat with the folks at the 107.1 The Peak booth about their format. I'd like it to rock a little harder! I also chewed the fat with Charlie Lagond and his wife about the very fun Sunday Jam they run at the Lagond Music School in Elmsford. peace soap founder Diane Bard took the time to explain the intricacies of crafting personal soaps. Lastly, I found the adult beverages very reasonably priced (six bucks) in the roped-off Captain Lawrence Brewing Company area. Unfortunately, when I finally returned from my walkabout and hooked up with Rita, she let me have it! Evidently, when I didn't immediately come back, she worried that I had passed out or died in one of the Porta Potties. So she and a friend searched every single stall at the event! I could not apologize enough. :(

So nice to see so many of my friends at the show, especially fellow musician Gary Schwartz who's recovering from a serious car accident. I'd like to thank Tom O'Reilly of More Sugar for securing my press pass and Mario A Campa for shooting the stage photo. It must have been a great event because I don't even remember who took the other picture! One <3.

2017 Roger Zee