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2U - U2 Tribute Band
3 Ton Jack
Al Payson (bass)
Albert Carey
The Amish Outlaws
Andrea & The Armenian Rug Riders
Andy Aledort (guitar)
The Bad Habits
Barry Urich (drums)
Bennett Harris
Big Onion
Billy and The Showmen
Blue Mozart
Black Moon Groove
The Blue Rays
Blue Steam
Blues Buddha
The Blues Dogs
Blues Patrol Show Band
Bob and Norm
Buried In Blue
Carlos Colina (harp)
The Castle Browne Band
Charlie Hilbert
Chris Berardo and The DesBerados
Chris Brown
Chris Goane (bass)
Chris Vitarello (guitar)
Christine Santelli
Conor Lyons (guitar)
The Cover-Up Band
Curtis Winchester
Dave Fields (guitar)
Dave Gross (guitar)
Dan Sheehan Conspiracy
Dennis Winge (guitar)
Direct Drive
Dutchess Di
Dwight Goodyear
East River Blues Band
Eddie Denise (bass)
Eddy Khaimovich (bass)
Fade to Blues
Felix Cabrera
The Gearjammers
Gene Moore
Geoff Hartwell Band
Geoffrey Armes
Gil Parris
Greg Sherrod
Guitar Shred Show
Hazmat Modine
The Hey Baby Band
J.J. Clarke (drums)
Jason Gisser
Jay's Museum
Jay Wasco
Jefferson Thomas
Jennifer Bloom
Jim Hickey (guitar)
Joe No
Joe Taino (guitar)
Joel Rosenblatt (drums)
Johanna Kodlick
John Schrader Band
Johnny Feds and Da Bluez Boys
Jon Cobert
Jon Paris
Josh Dion Band
Karel Ruzicka Jr. (sax)
The Keal Band
Kiko Gonzalez (bass)
K.J. Denhert
Kyle Carmean (guitar)
Lil' Bastad
Lima Charlie
Live Society
Lucy Bonilla
Marc Douglas Berardo
Mark Greenberg (drummer)
Matt King (keyboards)
Matt Rae (guitar)
Mia Fanali
Michael Bram (drums, harp)
Michael Hill
Michael Louis
Mike Severino (drums)
Mike "MT Pockets" Torres (guitar)
Mill River Band
Mishti (guitar)
Natterjack Toad
The New Suburbans
Nicole Hart
Nicole Pasternak (vocals)
Nikki Armstrong
No Discipline
Not Dead Yet
Out of Touch
Paul Gabriel (guitar)
Pete Levin (organ)
Petey Hop (guitar)
Phil Caron (bass)
Plan A
Plain Jane
The Prime Cut Band
Rich Cohen (guitar)
The Palindromes
Reverend Zen
Rich Kelly (bass)
Rick "Noodles" Horvath
Ricky Blues
Robert Charels
Robert Ross (guitar)
Roger-Z and The Zygotes
Roxy Perry
Rudy Feinauer (drums)
Russ DeFilippis Trio
Scarlett Lee Moore Band
Scott Spray (bass)
Screaming Nudes
The SellOuts
Shadetree Mechanics
Shaved Head Musicians
Steve Wexler and Top Shelf
Showtime Dance Band
The Slippery Chickens
Son Lewis
Stalking Sally
Steve Dunn
The Short Bus
The Sundown Band
Tangled Vine
Ten Feet Deep
Teri Lamar
Terry Silverlight
Todd Brennan (vocals)
Todd Wolfe
Tommy Mitchell
Tommy McDonnell (vocals)
Tony T (drums)
Tor and The Newcomers
Tramps Like Us
The Uninvited
The Way Up
Whatup Funk Band
Will Porter
Will Van Sise
Yahoi Ikawa (keyboards)


12 Grapes
353 Restaurant
76 House
59 Bank Street
Bayou Restaurant
Beach House Cafe
Black Duck Cafe
Bobby Q's
Cafe Dolce
Casa Del Sol
Chat 19
Crystal Bay
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Georgetown Saloon
Great Notch Inn
Kittle House
La Puerta Azul
Lazy Lounge
Lucky Mojos
Lucy's Lounge
Mexicali Blues Cafe
Molly Darcy's
Olde Stone Mill
Opus 465
Pete's Saloon
PNC Arts Center
Rack 'N' Roll
Radio City Music Hall
Redding Roadhouse
River Cat Grill
Route 22
Seaside Tavern
Striped Bass
Ticketmaster Online
Toads Place
Towne Crier Cafe
Turning Point Cafe
Vintage Bar
Watercolor Cafe


WBGO 88.3 FM
WFDU 89.1 FM
WPLJ 95.5 FM
The Fox 95.9 FM
Kool 96.7 FM
WRSU 88.7 FM
Z100 FM
101.9 RXP FM
Q104.3 FM
The Peak 107.1 FM


Gig Anecdotes
Guitar Player TV
Harmony Central
Hudson Valley Music Channel
Jam Bands
Westchester Blues Schmooze


CT Sound
More Sugar


Blues and Jazz Sounds
DTG Productions
Creative Music Consultants
EMB Productions
Foley Entertainment
Fusco Speaker Cabinets
NY Blues & Jazz Society
NY/NJ Blues Collective
Old Moon Guitars
Ricochet Productions
Rock Block Online
Skip Simmons Vintage Amp Repair