John Apicelli Interview

Hi John -- just listened to your interview with Roger. Mick Taylor does all the slide work on "Let It Bleed" by The Rolling Stones. Brian Jones is credited on the album for percussion and auto harp. You did a great job on the interview by the way and thank you very much for the shout out about my pinky!!!

John Federico, vocalist and guitarist, 5/22/06

Solomon Schepps Interview

Sol seems like he did his homework before answering the desert island and dream band questions. He probably doesn't walk in cold to the courtroom either.

I don't listen to all of these, but I listen to the ones with people I sort of know. I always find out some tidbit of their non musical lives that I would never find out otherwise. Its wierd, but I feel like I'm spying on them...

Bob Ostrow, guitarist, 4/11/06

Name Change to "Working Musicians" from "Local Heroes"."

good idea Rog----as a Veteran, a Firefighter, an EMT and so on for some 20 years...and a full time working musician for some 15 years (in the past)...I have been privileged to be near both musicians and heroes and I never quite equated what the people I worked with........... in the military (Air Sea Rescue, or my brother, playing a Stratocaster at the Richmond Coliseum one day , and a year later playing an M16 in 'Nam, or Tommy the Tenorman, catching applause in Richmond, and a year later catching a snipers bullet thru his medics shirt in 'Nam) ****(dude, it still hurts just to write that --40 years later) **** or the firemen , or medical teams and police officers, locally or in Yonkers and the Bronx ................no, I never equated what they did, or do ...with what I and my guitar slinging and stick slamming buddies did in night clubs and concerts, even at Carnegie or the Larger Venues...coliseums and such, and yes I have been on stage with some notables , Vinnie Martell...the Chambers Brothers... jammed with Leslie West and Richie Scarlett... hung , performed or jammed with Pete and Tony Levin, the Ryersons, Otis Blackwell, and RnB "stars" too numerous to remember.. Ed Roman was my guitar player in the 70's..and so on & so on .......

but the folks I saw as heroes are people I knew, or know, whose names no one will ever likely recognize---dangling on a cable from a chopper over the ocean in a storm to snatch a drowning person .....going into burning buildings as everyone else was fleeing.....or going toward where the bullets were coming FROM whether at a shoot out in 'Nam or the Bronx

no offense Roger....I know this is an age when Rap"artists" and TV/Movie "stars" get a whole lot more TV news reporting their latest clothes, cars, and lovers, than our men and women eating sand and dodging RPGs in Iraq do.....and I sincerely applaud you for picking up on this and amending the name of your excellent and very valuable musicians on-line interview column

best wishes for continued and increasing success !

how about a column : "WannaBee Working Musicians" (Ha HA ,LOL !! ) or in my case: "Useta B" ha ha

Pauliebassman, aka "the Rev," 1/25/06