TheWorkingMusician Cable/Internet Show FAQ

Hosted by Roger Zee
Optimum Channel 76 (White Plains), FIOS Channel 45 (Westchester)
Mon 9:00p, repeat Tue 1:30p


We usually tape Mondays (except the first Monday of the month) or Wednesdays from 4:30P-7:30P. See booking schedule.

4:30P-5:30P: Load in and setup
5:00P: Roger Zee arrives
5:30P-6:00P: Sound check
6:00P-7:30P: The artist tapes TWO separate, 27 minute shows which will air at a later date.
Each show allows for about 20 minutes of ORIGINAL music performance.

White Plains Cable Access Studio 914-422-1419
4 Martine Ave. White Plains, NY 10606


  1. On Martine Avenue, turn left at the first light after S. Lexington onto Bank St.
  2. At the first light on Bank St., make another left into the Mercedes Benz Dealership.
  3. Drive all the way to the back (passing the parking garage on the left, and the dealership on the right).
  4. Follow the driveway to the left and down.
  5. Stop near the end at the ticket booth on the left (dumpsters on the right). Sign says entry to 4 Martine Ave. Press chrome intercom button and say you're here for the Cable Station. Park on level C. Getting from the garage to the studio will definitely produce a Spinal Tap moment!


  1. Which three cds would you bring to a desert island?
  2. Who, living or dead (other than current group members), would play in your dream band(s)?
  3. Which songs inspired you to become a musician?


  1. Let us know ahead of time how many musicians will perform and what instruments they will play.
  2. We will record TWO separate 27 minute shows.
  3. Prepare 18-20 minutes of ORIGINAL MATERIAL (no covers) for each 27 minute show.
  4. Eat before you come. There will be no dinner break.
  5. The studio contains NO EQUIPMENT except for lapel mics.
  6. Solo vocal/acoustic guitarists do not need to bring a PA or mic. Just make sure your guitar has a line out.
  7. Groups must provide their own PA and mixing board.
  8. Electronic instruments should have a line output for mixing.
  9. During the sound check, we will tape a song and have you sign off on the mix.
  10. We have no live studio audience. Feel free to bring up to TEN people.
  11. Bring in a copy of your CD or DVD with no plastic wrap to present on camera.
  12. Email a high resolution JPG or GIF image of your CD or DVD to
  13. Feel free to call studio prior to the production to coordinate and ask questions.


  1. GOOD: Shades and colors that contrast with skin and hair color.
  2. BAD: whites, blacks, saturated colors, tight plaids, and tight herringbone patterns.


  1. $20.00 for two, 27 minute shows.
  2. Rip the live performances from the DVD and post on!