TheWorkingMusician Cable/Internet Show Clips

Roger-Z and Andrew Bordeaux Andrew Bordeaux Chasing a Sunset, The Fallout, Heard Not a Whisper, Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades, Lost, Simon Says
Amino Belyamani, Roger-Z, Sam Minaie, Qasim Naqvi Axis Trio Etude, Last Call, Prelude
Roger-Z and Don Ryan Don Ryan Dimebag Darrell, Lizard's Tears Ticker-Tape Parade,
Fundimensionals, Roger-Z Fundimensionals Cartographer, Spiritual Lines
Roger-Z and Gus Amador Gus Amador It's Ok, It's Alright, That's the Way
George Dulin, Eddy Khaimovich, Karel Ruzicka Jr, Roger-Z, Ross Pederson Karel Ruzicka Jr. The Land of Malbec, Seven Hills, Time for Love
Anthony Candullo, Josh Dion, Roger-Z, Mishti Mishti Roy Crave, Ruby Blue
Roger-Z and Pete Hop Petey Hop BiMi Side, Foolin' (3 piece), Foolin' (4 piece), G.I. Blues, Hallelujah Baby, I See, The Levee, Misery Loves Company, Mountain, Movin' On, Porter, Save Your Prayers, Stay Out All Night, Talk, Why Should I Complain
Roger-Z, Terry Silverlight Terry Silverlight Creating a Hit Record Drum Beat